A fight he did not start

A war he has to finish

Join Alec Goulding as he navigates through many mysteries in hopes of stopping a war midtrack.

"Jason Bourne meets Jack Reacher"

- Amazon Review

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A country in distress

A boy on the run

An inevitable war

Alec Goulding is back in this new riveting thriller in the summer of 2021!

Welcome Home

This is where most of my writing is, which you'll find for free. I am also a blogger on politics, education, and society if you're into that.


About me

Tarek Gara is a blogger on politics, history, education, and society, and the author of the new novel Mortal Past, a political/military thriller set in a fictional country. He is a student of English Literature and International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Tarek has published half a dozen short stories and a couple of poems on his website. His articles on Middle East politics, education, and society have appeared on several Medium publications, such as Illumination and The Innovation, and have been featured on Merak Magazine. He also runs The Political Corner, a politics magazine, and al-Nahda Blog in Arabic.

Alongside his work as a writer, Tarek is also an editor, translator, transcriber, and proofreader. Fluent in Arabic, English, and Hebrew, Tarek offers many editorial services, including copywriting, localization, and internationalization.

Tarek is also a self-taught graphic designer, designing book covers for Bookwrap and website templates from scratch on Wix.

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