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Hi! I'm Tarek Gara, born in 2000. I blog about politics, history, culture, society, education, and a plethora of socio-political topics. I also write fiction, and have published my first novel Mortal Past in September of 2020. I am a student of English Literature and International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I write short stories and poems, as well as provocative blog posts about anything and everything that I find interesting or worth discussing. My articles have appeared on many mediums. I have written for publications such as Illumination, The Innovation, Merak Magazine, The Political Corner, Al-Nahda, and Al-Sabeel.

I'm also an editorial freelancer. I speak Arabic, English, and Hebrew, and recently learning Spanish. I am a translator, transcriber, editor, and proofreader in English and Arabic. I provide translation and localization services through my website, as well as translate my own article into both languages. On top of that, I am a self-taught Graphic Designer, toying around with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I offer pro bono work for a student group on campus, as well as provide graphic design services on my website.

I'm seeking to become a full-time writer and blogger, and extensively dive into UX/UI design. I'm also looking to establish a non-profit educational organization and platform. My hobbies include reading (duh!), writing (more like obsession), designing (pretty good at it), and learning Spanish (one word a week?). I'm an introvert, but I'm pretty good at chatting online, so feel free to shoot me an email or provoke me with an idea.

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Translation, localization, internationalization, editing, proofreading, transcription, citation...



Social Media Kits, flyers, book covers, web templates (Wix), social media account management, advertisements... (exclusively licensed fonts, photos, and illustrations.)



Wix Templates from scratch, blogs, SEO compatibility, Google Adsense, Affiliate Links, Copywriting, Product Descriptions, Internationalization (English & Arabic)...


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