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    I can translate academic essays, documents, articles, websites, product descriptions, and videos from Arabic to English and vice versa. I can localize and internationalize products, websites, and translations, and provide editing and proofreading in both languages. I can also format academic essays per standard regulations by the educational institution, and embed citations in accordance with citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago...)

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    can design social media kits, which include profile pictures, banners, covers and headers, and post photos (+ templates). I can design book covers (see portfolio) for both eBook and paperback editions (in different print sizes), and manage social media accounts (promotional designs). All design elements are exclusively licensed under a subscription.

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    I can build templates for Wix and WordPress sites from scratch, or redesign existing websites, with features like monetization through Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing, copywriting, and product description. The service includes webpages, design elements such as font types, graphics, illustrations, and photos, all provided through a paid subscription and licensed. + Plus integrating Wix Multilingual.


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