Mortal Past

Mortal Past


Mortal Past is an action-adventure and political thriller by Tarek Gara. Published in September 29.

  • Synopsis

    One year after the Talienkian Civil War, an underworld kingpin has access to sensitive government information that can result in a cross-country war.

    After the death of thirteen Talienkian soldiers in Barun, the archrival country for decades now, a new war starts to erupt.


    The Army General knows there's only one way to stop the war before it starts, and it's bringing back his old friend and operative, Alec Goulding, to send him once again into a rigorous espionage war in Barun.

    But today isn't like yesterday, and Alec Goulding doesn't want in.

    Until he realizes he's deep down in a war of his own.

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    Paperback, soft cover

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Copyright © 2021 by Tarek Gara. All Rights Reserved.

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