A human's plea to humanity.

Where do we begin when we want to talk about changing the world? Perhaps we can start with the definition, as we do with most topics we discuss. But it isn't particularly easy to define change. Change is an abstract term that necessitates more than one definition. Before we even discuss change, we have to determine the subject of change, i.e. what we want to change and why. It is only with this reasoning that we are able to put practical strategies to change the world.

What do we want to change and why pertains to the social climate first and foremost. Even if the sought change was political, environmental, economic, or behavioral, we can still categorize it under "social." Because "social" is where everything begins. Society as we know it is the core essence of experiment and assessment. And when we want to "change the world," we really mean "change society," regardless of what type of change we seek.

Social change is a tricky subject. For many reasons, varying from one place to another. Discussing the change in Egypt and in the United States is rather dissimilar and unequivocal. It is for this reason that we refer to change as local - to a certain degree. Again, when we say "the world," we mean our local society in particular because, in essence, that's what the world is to us.

Driving change, or "Driving Change" as a term, both necessitate three elements: whyhow, and who, not by this particular order. But it is often this way. Think about any local or global issue that we, humans, have tried, or have been trying to change or tackle. The focus is always on why. Global warming is an issue. But why? Because it endangers our existence as human civilization. Then it becomes a question of how. How can we change our behaviors, our systems, our lifestyles, so that we can make it stop? Once that is figured out, we become concerned with the "who," i.e., who will lead this initiative?

But the question of who is always overlooked, either indifferently or out of negligence.

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