Published on September 29, 2020

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Alec Goulding knows better than anyone that being involved with the government is a dirty business, which is why he retired from the military's espionage branch. He instead helped his father run a small coffee shop downtown. But a powerful kingpin in Barun has gained access to sensitive intel about the government which can entail unwanted consequences.

The government is helpless as the source of the breach is unknown, and a sudden massacre taking the lives of thirteen Talienkian soldiers in Barun takes them by surprise. But one thing is sure: an espionage team has to travel to Barun, a rival country, to counter the attack and apprehend the perpetrator. And the Army General knows the best man for the job: Alec Goulding.

Alec Goulding joins the team after great swaying, and soon realizes the consequences of his involvement. Joined by two old friends from the past, Alec embarks on a mission to capture a deadly kingpin operating a deadly local gang with international outreach.



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One year after the Talienkian Civil War, an underworld kingpin has his hands on sensitive government information that can result in a cross-country war. After the death of thirteen Talienkian soldiers in Barun, the archrival country for decades now, a new war starts to erupt. Army General Vernozi knows there's only one way to stop the war before it starts, and it's bringing back his old friend, Alec Goulding, to send him, once again, into a rigorous espionage war in Barun. But today isn't like yesterday, and Alec Goulding doesn't want in. Until he realizes he's deep down in a war of his own.

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The full book is available for purchase via the Kindle store on, in both paperback print (soon) and e-book versions. It will also be available in local stores in my hometown village, as well as other destinations. The book is available on Kobo Books. Find it here. The book will soon be available on Barnes & Noble and Book Depository. Sign up for the newsletter to get notified.

What is Talienk?

Talienk (officially the Republic of Talienk) is a fictional state in Mortal Past. Its size amounts to 644,201 km², almost as big as the state of Afghanistan. The official population is 27 million, composed of three ethnic majorities: French, Sindhis, and English. Other semi-minorities include Arab, Punjabi, Indian, German, and Portuguese. The official language of Talienk is English. The Republic of Talienk consists of 14 districts, each divided into four to five local, self-governing states. The capital city of Talienk is Lashinburg, with a population of 5.42 million people; it is considered the largest city in the Republic. For an extensive history of the state, visit this designated page: (coming soon).



In Mortal Past, Alec Goulding is the protagonist. He is a retired army militant with an exceptional set of skills that has given him a name in the country. He is considered a national hero in his country due to his efforts and success in taking down the government in the Talienkian Civil War.


Having retired, Alec does not want to rejoin the force or work for the government. He now works with his father in a local coffee shop, minding his own business. All is fine until the Talienkian Army General summons him for help.


The government needs him to locate and eliminate a kingpin in a rival country, who has unknowingly accessed secret information and is now blackmailing the government.


Traumatized from his last mission, Alec does not want to take the offer. He has already almost lost his father in the crossfire, and he was not ready to do it again.


Petal Lambert

Petal Lambert is a French-Talienkian journalist working for The Libocratic, an independent free-press newsprint. Her eagerness for conspiracies, mysteries, and the unparalelled drive to reveal the truth no matter the cost, have given her a name in the industry.

Her involvement in the Alec Goulding case is vital in its resolution, or lack thereof. She is known to be determined and particular. Alongside her job as a journalist, Petal is also a blogger, influencer, and internet sensation with millions of followers.

Man in Car


Liam Grossman is the President of Talienk in Mortal Past. The political bedlam pertaining to pro-war decisions that Liam Grossman avoids leads to even more problems as he resorts to sending an espionage team to an archrival country.


Still young and single, yet has his hands full with difficult decisions regarding the plausible war that may erupt between the two countries. Still, Liam Grossman maintains a powerful poise and a strong leadership vision to lead Talienk from being a paymaster's puppet regime to dictating spheres of influence on the regional level.


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